500k users in less than 1 year

  • 20x more downloads
  • 20% Increase in Monthly Active Users
500k users in less than 1 year
Advertising - Mobile app
Project Duration
11 months
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Niwees: Connecting Merchants and Users

Niwees, an innovative mobile app, stands as a groundbreaking force in the world of connecting merchants and users. It proudly claims the title of being the world's first Android application that allows users to effortlessly earn a treasure trove of gifts and rewards. The concept is ingeniously simple yet remarkably effective – every time you unlock your smartphone, an advertisement graces your screen, and in return, you reap the benefits.

My Pivotal Role in This Revolution

Niwees operates with a dual business model - Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). In my tenure, I played an integral part in both spheres:

B2B Excellence: For the B2B aspect, I undertook the setup and configuration of Zoho CRM, an essential tool for business developers and commercial operations. This empowered our team to prospect and onboard new merchants seamlessly. Within Zoho CRM, I ensured robust task management, seamless integrations, and a streamlined workflow that catalyzed growth.

B2C Magic: The B2C segment was equally vital, where I focused on supercharging user acquisition and retention. My strategies encompassed various facets, including:

  • Facebook Ads: Strategically designed and executed campaigns to attract more users to Niwees, reaching them where they spend a significant portion of their online time.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Leveraged the power of organic search to ensure that Niwees was discoverable by a wider audience.
  • Push Notifications: Utilized this powerful tool to keep users engaged and informed, encouraging active participation.
  • Organic Social: Cultivated a strong social media presence to bolster brand engagement and foster a sense of community among users.

The Impact - Numbers that Tell the Story

The cumulative results are nothing short of impressive and underline Niwees' exceptional journey:

  • 500,000 Users in Under 1 Year: The app's exponential rise saw half a million users embracing the concept in less than 12 months. This demonstrates the resonance of Niwees' unique offering.
  • 20x Surge in Downloads: The meteoric rise in downloads underscored the effectiveness of our user acquisition strategies.
  • 20% Increase in Monthly Active Users: A substantial jump in Monthly Active Users (MAU) revealed the app's growing appeal and its ability to maintain user interest over time.

Niwees isn't just a mobile app; it's a transformative concept that empowers both users and businesses. My journey with Niwees has been marked by innovation, impact, and a relentless commitment to a future where everyone's wins. I look forward to continuing to be part of this remarkable story.