Smart Supplement Shop

Analytics, Marketing automation, CRO & SEO

  • Enhanced visibility
  • 320% increase in clicks
Analytics, Marketing automation, CRO & SEO
Smart Supplement Shop
Supplements & Vitamins
United Kingdom
Project Duration
3 months
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Smart Supplement Shop is a curated selection of supplements and vitamins founded by Emma Wells, a seasoned nutritional therapist with over 26 years of experience. With a focus on hand-picked products, Smart Supplement Shop aims to provide premium-quality nutritional support to its customers.

Services Implemented:

  • Google Analytics Setup: Comprehensive tracking of website traffic and user behavior.
  • Google Tag Manager Setup: Streamlined management of website tags and tracking codes.
  • Google Ads Retargeting Setup: retargeting audience setup to re-engage website visitors.
  • Google My Business Setup: Enhanced online presence with Google reviews and business information.
  • Google Search Console Integration: Monitoring and optimization of website's presence in Google search results.
  • Google Shopping Integration: Placement of products in Google's shopping platform for increased visibility.
  • Push Notification Setup: Direct communication channel with website visitors for promotions and updates.
  • Live Chat Setup: Real-time customer support and assistance.
  • Customer Reviews Setup: Integration of customer feedback to build trust and credibility.
  • Facebook Store Creation: Expansion of sales channels through a dedicated Facebook storefront.
  • Facebook Pixel Setup: Tracking and optimization of Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Facebook Events Integration: Tracking key events and actions on the Facebook platform.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Workflow: Automated reminders and incentives to recover abandoned carts.
  • User Journey Automation: Streamlined and personalized user experiences through automation.


The implementation of these services has led to significant improvements for Smart Supplement Shop:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Increased presence across Google and Facebook platforms has bolstered brand visibility and recognition.
  • 320% Increase in Clicks: The optimized setup has resulted in a substantial surge in website traffic and engagement.

Through a strategic combination of digital marketing tools and platforms, Smart Supplement Shop has been able to effectively reach and engage its target audience, driving tangible results and fostering continued growth in the competitive nutritional supplement market.