Ibs and Sibo Clinics

2900% growth in consultations booked

  • The monthly cost decreased by 94%
  • ROAS x6
2900% growth in consultations booked
IBS and SIBO Clinics
Health and Wellness
United Kingdom
Project Duration
1 and a half year
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IBS and SIBO Clinics: A Legacy of Excellence

In the realm of IBS and SIBO clinics, few have as illustrious a legacy as the IBS and SIBO Clinics in the UK. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to wellness, this establishment has been a pillar of support for individuals grappling with IBS and SIBO concerns. Staffed by a dedicated team of highly qualified nutritional therapists and functional medicine practitioners, the clinics have become synonymous with excellence in the field. Their mission is simple: to empower thousands of individuals in their journey to conquer IBS and SIBO, ultimately enabling them to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

My Role in the Transformation

As a pivotal member of this transformative journey, I undertook a multifaceted role to elevate the reach and impact of the IBS and SIBO Clinics:

  • Google Ads: I orchestrated strategic campaigns on Google Ads, finely tuned to steer the clinics towards a singular goal – consultations. Through data-driven initiatives and innovative approaches, I harnessed the power of digital advertising to connect individuals seeking support with these esteemed clinics.

  • Landing Page Optimization: Recognizing the pivotal role of a compelling online presence, I delved into landing page optimization. Employing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques, I revamped the pages, reimagined content, and introduced persuasive elements. The results? Tangible growth in analytics and a surge in user engagement.

  • Reporting: To ensure transparency and strategic alignment, I harnessed Looker Studio to craft meticulous reports. These reports not only outlined key performance indicators (KPIs) such as clicks, consultations booked, and keyword performance but also provided actionable insights that informed decision-making.

The Impact - Results that Speak Volumes

The collaborative efforts yielded transformative outcomes that underscored the IBS and SIBO Clinics' commitment to excellence:

  • 2900% Growth in Consultations Booked: The most telling metric of success was a staggering surge in consultations booked. A testament to the effectiveness of our campaigns, this growth exemplified the profound impact we had on individuals seeking support.

  • 94% Decrease in Monthly Costs: A judicious approach to resource allocation led to significant savings. This optimization resulted in a remarkable 94% reduction in monthly costs, a testament to fiscal prudence without compromising results.

  • ROAS x6: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) saw a remarkable sixfold increase. This reflected not only a surge in consultations but also a commendable financial return on the investments made.

The IBS and SIBO Clinics' journey is not just about addressing medical concerns but about transforming lives. It has been an honor to contribute to their mission of healing and wellness, and to have played a part in shaping a healthier and happier future for countless individuals.