B2B Boost: Elevating Conversion Rates, Lead Generation, and Design

  • Enhanced Lead Quality
  • Increased Meeting Reservations
  • Improved Communication
B2B Boost: Elevating Conversion Rates, Lead Generation, and Design
B2B data Platform
Project Duration
2 years
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SocieteInfo is a prominent B2B data platform headquartered in France, specializing in providing comprehensive data solutions. With a focus on delivering accurate and reliable data, SocieteInfo serves clients across various industries, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic growth initiatives.


SocieteInfo faced challenges in optimizing lead quality, increasing meeting reservations, and improving communication channels. The client sought to enhance its overall marketing and sales processes to better engage prospects, nurture relationships, and drive business growth.

Expertise Utilized

  • HubSpot: Leveraging HubSpot's robust CRM and marketing automation capabilities to streamline lead management and enhance customer engagement.

  • Lead Generation: Implementing targeted lead generation strategies to attract high-quality prospects and expand the client base.

  • Google Ads: Executing Google Ads campaigns to boost online visibility, drive website traffic, and generate qualified leads.

  • Design: Employing creative design elements to enhance brand messaging, website aesthetics, and user experience.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): Implementing CRO techniques to optimize website performance, increase conversion rates, and maximize lead generation efforts.

  • Content: Developing compelling and informative content to educate prospects, establish thought leadership, and drive engagement.

Key Outcomes:

Enhanced Lead Quality:

  • Implemented targeted lead scoring mechanisms to prioritize high-quality leads based on predefined criteria.
  • Utilized HubSpot's lead nurturing workflows to deliver personalized content and nurture prospects through the sales funnel, resulting in increased lead quality and engagement.

Increased Meeting Reservations:

  • Optimized website and landing page design to encourage action and facilitate easy booking of meetings and consultations.
  • Implemented strategic call-to-action (CTA) placements and messaging to prompt visitors to schedule meetings, resulting in a significant increase in meeting reservations and consultations.

Improved Communication:

  • Streamlined communication channels through the integration of HubSpot's communication tools, enabling seamless interactions and timely follow-ups with clients and prospects.
  • Implemented automated email workflows and personalized messaging to enhance client engagement and foster stronger relationships.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements and strategic initiatives, SocieteInfo was honored with the prestigious Growth Awards as the Best Growth Tool in France in 2022. This accolade further underscores SocieteInfo's commitment to innovation, excellence, and driving tangible results in the B2B data platform industry.


Through the strategic utilization of HubSpot, lead generation tactics, Google Ads, design enhancements, CRO techniques, and content strategies, SocieteInfo successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing lead quality, increasing meeting reservations, and improving communication channels. The collaborative efforts resulted in strengthened client relationships, improved conversion rates, and sustainable business growth for SocieteInfo in the competitive B2B data platform industry.