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With 7+ years of e-commerce marketing experience, I specialize in delivering exceptional results for e-commerces. My proven techniques, from paid social to SEA, email marketing, SEO, content marketing and more, are designed to boost your e-commerce business effectively. My goal is to drive growth and maximize ROI for your online store.

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A customized strategy for your E-Commerce

I understand that every online store is unique, each with its specific marketing needs. With extensive experience in the field, I've perfected the art of creating customized strategies tailored to your specific goals.

I don't rely on generic approaches. Instead, I carefully craft marketing plans that harness a variety of channels, including paid social advertising, Paid search, social media, SEO, and content marketing.

My aim is to provide not just traffic, but highly qualified prospects ready for conversion. I'm dedicated to enhancing your website's traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates

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What Sets Me Apart from the Rest

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Working with me

Holistic Education
I don't just deliver digital marketing solutions. I educate my clients on the 'why' and 'how' of each strategy. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
Strategy and Execution
Unlike many, I'm involved in both strategy and execution. I don't just provide recommendations. I roll up my sleeves and put them into action, ensuring results align with your goals.
In-House Creatives
I handle creative work, from design to content creation, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process.
Proven Expertise
With a track record of consistently delivering positive ROI, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your projects.
Collaborative Approach
I believe in a collaborative partnership, valuing your input and insights in shaping our strategies
Data-Driven Decisions
My approach is heavily reliant on data and analytics to make informed decisions and refine strategies.
Custom Solutions
I create customized digital marketing strategies tailored to your unique business and objectives.
Transparent Communication
I place a high priority on open and transparent communication, ensuring you're informed about progress, challenges, and opportunities.
Long-Term Partnership
My goal is to build long-term partnerships and support your business's continued success in the digital landscape.
Dedication to Quality
I don't settle for mediocrity. My unwavering commitment to excellence ensures high-quality work.

Working with others

Holistic Education
Many other freelancers primarily focus on delivering services without extensive explanations or educational components.
Strategy and Execution
Some freelancers may offer recommendations and strategies but do not engage in the execution part of the process.
In-House Creatives
Many freelancers may need to outsource creative work to other agencies, which can lead to potential delays and miscommunication.
Proven Expertise
The level of expertise and the ability to deliver consistent ROI may vary among other freelancers.
Collaborative Approach
Some freelancers may work in relative isolation without involving clients as active partners in the process.
Data-Driven Decisions
Not all freelancers prioritize data-driven decisions, and some may rely more on intuition or experience.
Custom Solutions
Some freelancers may use templates or standardized solutions, which may not be as effective for your specific needs.
Transparent Communication
Communication practices among other freelancers may vary, and some may not emphasize transparency as much.
Long-Term Partnership
Not all freelancers consider long-term partnerships and may focus on individual projects.
Dedication to Quality
Quality levels may vary among other freelancers, and not all may prioritize excellence to the same extent.

Get your projects done—on your terms

  • Initial meeting

    We initiate with an introductory call to discuss your specific requirements and align our goals.

  • Proposal and agreement

    I formulate a customized plan based on your needs, sharing a comprehensive proposal for your review and acceptance.

  • Project Execution

    Once the agreement is in place, I commence project execution, ensuring daily and weekly meetings, regular reporting, and transparent communication to keep you informed at every stage.

  • Project Closure and Ongoing Relationship

    Upon successful completion, we finalize the project, gather your feedback, and maintain an open channel for potential future collaborations and support.

Don't just take my word for it, hear what others have to say about me

Help with digital marketing

Afef set up the AdWords and tracking, along with many other marketing metrics. Our sales increased, and the cost of conversion decreased. The work was delivered on time. We appreciated their clear metrics, friendliness, and professionalism.

Emma W.

CEO at Smart Nutrition

Emma W.

Growth Marketing

Our journey with Afef Ayed has been nothing short of exceptional in recent years. Their expertise in paid media has truly transformed our business landscape. With a strategic mindset and a profound grasp of our industry, their team consistently delivers favorable outcomes. We deeply appreciate their proactive communication and transparent approach, which define their service. Whether it's PPC or Email Marketing campaigns, their proficiency is evident and greatly valued.

Radhouane K.

Sales manager at Ben's Development

Radhouane K.

Digital marketing

Afef Ayed's support significantly enhanced our sales and reduced the cost per conversion, marking a pivotal shift in the client's performance.

Bassem A.

Sales manager at Qlick

Bassem A.

GTM and Growth

I appreciated their friendliness, proactive responses, and effectiveness during the launch of our brand

Arbia A.

custumor succes manager at Petsparad

Arbia A.

Website Redesign and Growth Marketing

Working with this team has been an exceptional experience. They consistently prioritize data-driven strategies and reliably deliver results. Their performance surpasses that of any other team we've collaborated with.

Brahim B.

Business Developer at Digi Dev

Brahim B.

Highly skilled and professional

I had the pleasure of working alongside Afef in NGX. In a startup, you work with limited resources and must be able to drive growth despite this. Afef throws her full energy behind projects, executing more than any other marketer I have Metz Afef has a deep understanding of analytics across all marketing channels. Afef also has the ability to provide visibility of the data and deliver recommended action off the back of this. I wish I could work with more people like Afef, our combined teamwork to deliver huge success will be missed!

Nathan A.

Founder at GrowTrio

Nathan A.

I highly recommend her

It's hard to describe how Afef's work impressed me when I got the chance to work with her .

Mahdi S.

Head of performance at Convergen

Mahdi S.

I’m really impressed with the quality of her work

Afef is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go the extra mile to help you when needed. Her expertise as a growth marketer is considerable and it helped our team to come up with more efficient solutions and develop different international projects. Her contributions were really valuable to the community. I highly recommend Afef as a Growth Hacker, and would love to work together again.

Seif B.

React.js | Next.js and Node.js expert

Seif B.

Seriously awesome!

Afef is a big mind! She's a standout operator in growth hacking! I had the pleasure to work with her and learn from her different tactics. She's a brilliant and gifted Marketer who knows exactly how to deal with big projects and especially how to get the best out of her team. Very blessed to know her as a Growth Hacker and a Friend!

Hiba A.

Head of Growth and Marketing

Hiba A.

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