Development of Bsmart Marketplace

  • Streamlined Hiring Process
  • Increased Access to Talents
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Improved Efficiency and Transparency
Development of Bsmart Marketplace
Construction / Engineering
Project Duration
6 months

Bsmart is a Marketplace designed to connect construction and engineering professionals with clients seeking their services. The platform aims to streamline the process of finding and hiring qualified professionals for construction projects, offering a convenient and efficient solution for both professionals and clients.

Services Provided:

  • Marketplace Development: Our team developed the Bsmart Marketplace with all essential features to facilitate seamless interactions between professionals and clients. The platform allows professionals to showcase their skills, expertise, and portfolio, while clients can browse profiles and connect with suitable professionals for their projects.
  • User Registration and Profiles: Bsmart features user registration and profile creation functionalities for both professionals and clients. Professionals can create detailed profiles highlighting their qualifications, experience, and past projects, while clients can provide project requirements and preferences to find the right match.
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools: Bsmart provides communication and collaboration tools to facilitate seamless interaction between professionals and clients. Messaging features allow for direct communication, while project management tools enable collaboration on project tasks, timelines, and deliverables.

Results Achieved:

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Bsmart streamlines the process of finding and hiring construction and engineering professionals, saving time and effort for clients while providing opportunities for professionals to showcase their expertise and win projects.
  • Increased Access to Talent: The Marketplace expands clients' access to a diverse pool of qualified professionals, enabling them to find the right match for their project requirements. Likewise, professionals gain access to a broader client base and project opportunities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The platform's communication and collaboration tools foster transparent and effective communication between professionals and clients, facilitating smooth project execution and delivery.
  • Improved Efficiency and Transparency: Bsmart enhances the efficiency and transparency of the project lifecycle, from project posting and bidding to payment processing and project completion. The platform ensures clear communication, accountability, and fair compensation for all parties involved.